Below are some useful forms that will help you get ready for your tax filing.  We have been filing tax returns for over 25 years and would be happy to do your tax return.

This is a downloadable EIC & Child Tax Credit Information

 This is a downloadable tax deduction file that you can download and print for your own use.

Tax simple_organizer.pdf Tax simple_organizer.pdf
Size : 56.894 Kb
Type : pdf

This is a downloadable tax return Questionnaire that you can download and print for you own use.

taxform Questionnare.pdf taxform Questionnare.pdf
Size : 71.331 Kb
Type : pdf

A downloadable Form - Client info Form is a checklist of what to bring to the tax office when you come 

Tax Client Info Form Scan.pdf Tax Client Info Form Scan.pdf
Size : 472.871 Kb
Type : pdf

A Downloadable Form Deductions to review and bring to the tax office. 

Tax Deductions Scan.pdf Tax Deductions Scan.pdf
Size : 622.064 Kb
Type : pdf